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    Using Visuals to Master the ART of SAFe/Release Planning

    Marie Dingess
    Marie Dingess
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    45 mins

    A well-facilitated large-scale Planning event (such as a SAFe PI Planning) can leave you feeling energized and more confident in your team and your direction. Poorly facilitated events have the adverse effect and can leave you feeling like you’ve just been run over by a Mack Truck.

    There is not a lot of guidance from SAFe on how to facilitate this critical event from their website, other than an example agenda and program board. This session will focus on how information radiators and other visual tools can make a tremendous difference in increasing engagement and collaboration amongst teams in order to orchestrate a thoughtful plan with high confidence.

    We will show battle-tested ways on how visuals are critical to...

    • increase collaboration across teams
    • reinforce development practices & standards
    • track team progress through the day
    • highlight dependencies
    • increase the confidence vote
    • motivate teams to strive for success

    Participants will leave this session with some visual tools and tips they can immediately put to use in their designing their next PI Planning or ANY large-scale planning event.
    “There is no magic in SAFe… except for maybe PI Planning” - SAFe authors

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