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    Back to basics - improving the quality of your conversations and activities

    Chris Li
    Chris Li
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    Regardless if an agile team is just starting out or a seasoned crew, many groups not only need but also have a desire to improve their way of working.  This is challenging for these new as well as established teams if they have not revisited the fundamental elements and reasoning behind their team's activities.  These conversations and activities could potentially feel mechanical and impersonal at times as teams "go through the motions" and just try to make it through them.  This is a feeling we would all like to avoid, so let's explore some alternatives by going back to the basics. 

    This workshop will expose participants to some key principles, values and definitions that are present in teams that have the Agile Mindset.  Attendees will connect with other practitioners to explore and discuss their way of working in a dynamic setting.  Through these interactions, they will then work to identify a specific activity or conversation to focus on and collaborate with others to generate potential solutions.  We will wrap up the workshop by sharing these potential solutions, which participants could then bring back to their teams in the spirit of always trying to improve how they work.

    Participants in this session will identify and discuss specific activities and conversations regularly present on projects executing with an agile mindset.  They will then  revisit the fundamental elements, values and principles of popular frameworks.  Participants will then identify one activity that they could improve in and craft an "Improvement Pitch" to take back to their organization, leveraging the Inspection and Adaptation elements of Empirical Process Control. 


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