Top 10 Agile Questions to Ask as a Senior Manager

As more and more government agency's transition to doing agile software development it is critical managers and executives ask the right type of questions.  It is critical from two perspectives. The first is reinforce the transition from waterfall management to agile management of projects and the second is to get the answer in the right context.  Old habits die hard and a change takes time. Managers and executives need to take the time to prepare themselves and support their teams.  

There are 10 questions senior managers need to be asking to show they understand agile development and to reinforce new habits.

Transitioning a group or an agency to executing the values, principles, methods and practices takes dedicated and disciplined teams. Exercising the practices, creating the habits and ultimately achieving mastery as quickly as possible is what the team must accomplish. Because this is a new skill and new way of doing business senior managers not acclimated yet may be asking the wrong questions, waterfall question in this agile world. This will slow the learning process and the ability to deliver the value to the customer. Senior manager must be coached so they are asking the right questions to reinforce the new habits which will ultimately deliver the value to the customers. There are 10 questions Senior manager need to be asking to show they understand agile development and reinforce the new habits.

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For managers and executives of agile developments to know and understand the right questions to ask agile development teams.

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Manager and Executives

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