Facilitation is at the heart of promoting, building, and sustaining an agile culture.  The Grove Consultants International define facilitation as the art of leading people through processes toward agreed-upon outcomes in a manner that encourages participation, ownership, and creativity from all involved. So how do you take this definition and turn it into facilitating powerful meetings? Most agile practitioners can read about facilitation and the “right” way to do it. However, it can be challenging to take that book knowledge and feel comfortable facilitating agile meetings and ceremonies. Whether you are looking to coach a single team/product or scale agile to the program/enterprise, Darrin London says that facilitation is a foundational element needed to truly unlock the creativity and collaborative spirit of individuals working together to achieve high performance. To aid in your agile journey, Darrin explores the definition of facilitation and goes through each element to discuss its meaning and identify potential challenges with its implementation. He discusses examples of facilitation practices that ScrumMasters, agile coaches, and agile leaders can use on their projects in either a single or multi-team environment.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session will be a mix of lecture/workshop.

5 mins Intro

15 mins:  Define Facilitation and its role in Agile and Facilitation Framework

  • Discuss Agreed Upon Outcomes
  • Facilitation Framework
    • Explore the Possibilities
    • Evaluate alternatives
    • Discuss some techniques and ideas in agile ceremonies

3 mins:  Individual Brainstorming (on stickies)

  • As a participant or a facilitator, when you walk out of an agile ceremony feeling good, what would have happened to get you there?
  • What seems to be challenging or puzzling with facilitating agile meetings?

10 mins:   Discuss in your group and consolidate into themes on large post it

  • What themes should we focus on in preparing for powerful agile meetings?

10 mins:  Share some of my techniques for :

  • Encourage Participation and Creativity
  • Decide and Close

20 mins:  Decide as a group 1 – 2 themes to focus on (use facilitation technique like roman vote or other to decide).  Then, Brainstorm possible actions or techniques to use to address either:

  • What action, technique, or process could you try in order to enable a powerful agile ceremony?
  • What action, technique, or process could you try in order to address the challenge?


  • Fill up the stickies (one per sticky) on Flip Chart

15 mins Rotating Flip Charts - Browse the other teams outputs. Take your Ah Ha sheets to each group and jot down actions/techniques that you would like to try

5 mins Wrap-Up and Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • New Perspective on facilitation and its importance in agile
  • Ideas for structuring Agile Meetings and Ceremonies for successful outcomes
  • 1-2 Facilitation Process Tools or Actions you can “try” with your teams

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, SCRUM Masters, Agile Managers, Agile Leaders, and anyone who facilitates meetings!

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