There is mounting pressure on business organizations to solve problems faster, increase innovation (and thus change), and react more quickly to the unexpected –to be, in a word, agile.  The DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) consortium, one of the original signers of the agile manifesto, has seen its agile program management methodology successfully employed in the U.K. and Europe.  Compatible with other methodologies such as SCRUM, it provides a comprehensive approach that blends agile methods with program and project management. 

Today the consortium is evolving in response to the need for agility through the application of agile principles to general business situations.  The new focus is not on software or projects, but on the whole of the organization.  Driven by member realization that agile emphasizes strong collaboration between business and technical stakeholders, the consortium has expanded its influence towards delivering business value through agile techniques.  

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Outline/structure of the Session

This presentation will cover:

Understanding the Agile Business - Philosophy and Principles

Overview of agile business management approach

Agile PMO compared to PMBOK

Examples of successful approaches

Learning Outcome

Attendees will understand how DSDM Agile Project Framework has expanded across all elements of the modern business to deliver agility and value generation for all types of business problems, and how it bridges the gap between provision of business capability and alignment of enabling technology.

They will gain insight to how DSDM has been effectively used, and the conditions necessary for success, as well as where to go for additional resources and training on DSDM Agile Project Framework and Agile PM.


Target Audience

Agile practicioners, business managers, program and project managers, business strategists

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