Agile Capability: Game-Changing Building Blocks for High Performing Teams

"Agile Capability: Game-Changing Building Blocks for High Performing Teams" helps executives and teams change the game of performance improvement by integrating their agile values, methods, and techniques with a proven framework for capability that adds structure and discipline, and provides the building blocks of success.

In this fast-paced, interactive presentation, attendees will discover how to leverage the architectural strengths of Agile Capability and its building blocks to improve performance and solve business problems incrementally and iteratively. Attendees will take away an understanding of how to use these building blocks to drive performance improvement enterprise-wide, including:

• How to baseline agile performance, so that you can know everyone is performing at the highest level of agility
• How to understand the architecture of Agile Capability, so that you can adopt the approach in your organization
• How to develop a list of Values, Ceremonies, Techniques that require practices to be defined, so that your CIO can understand what it takes to execute each one
• How to use Agile Capability for engineering work, so that you can improve the engineering performance of your team
• How to use Agile Capability for non-engineering work, so that these teams can benefit from agile methods for work management, as well

Whether you need to strengthen your adoption of agile, scale agile enterprise-wide, or build your personal capability, Agile Capability is an effective approach for creating an environment in which you -- and your organization -- can iteratively improve over time. Strengthening your adoption of agile with the Agile Capability approach helps you be as great as you can be.

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Outline/structure of the Session


What is Agile Capability?

Understanding the building blocks of performance improvement

Elements of a Successful Agile Capability Improvement Program

Using Agile Capability to strengthen agile

Integrating Agile Capability with Agile Ceremonies & Techniques


Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn how to strengthen their adoption of agile values, methods and techniques, by leveraging the architectural strengths of proven and widely adopted frameworks used to deploy a continuous improvement infrastructure.

Target Audience

Engineering and software executives and professionals

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