An AgileCMMI Approach to Performance Management in Development Organizations

Annual performance appraisal systems are broken.

Employees hate them.  HR departments don’t trust the results.  Organizations don’t benefit from them. Performance Appraisals are often negative, sometimes painful, and usually meaningless administrative tours to be endured – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In “An AgileCMMI Approach to Performance Management in Development Organizations,” engineering and software executives, managers and teams learn to take a lighter, more agile approach to managing and motivating people in a structured CMMI environment that provides meaningful data to help the organization improve.

End the dreaded annual event and embrace the “true meaning” of performance – a culture where people get timely feedback on relevant performance deliverables and their connection to the organizational purpose. "An AgileCMMI Approach" helps you avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, and transform your performance appraisal system into something that is highly useful for your organization.

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Outline/structure of the Session

• Introduction

• The Problem with Performance Appraisals

• An AgileCMMI Approach

- Aligning people with agile values and goals of the organization

- Leveraging the structure of the CMMI to create an environment for agile behaviors to survive and thrive

- Providing employees with a voice in influencing individual, team and organizational performance

- Developing supervisors' coaching and counseling skills to manage employees and teams every day, not just at annual appraisal times

- Gathering cumulative information about performance management trends

- Providing the organization with a health check of training and organizational development efforts

• Take-aways: How to Manage Performance with AgileCMMI, Starting Right Now

• Conclusion

Learning Outcome

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

• Know the value of learning to integrate the structure of the CMMI with your organization's agile values, methods and techniques 
• Know the benefits of a great performance management program for individuals, teams and organizations
• Know the “true meaning” of performance
• Know the path to a better trained, higher performing workforce

Target Audience

Engineering and software executives, managers and development teams

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