“Multi-Model Improvement – The Power of Aligning ISO, CMMI, SPICE, and any other Framework”

Misalignment, miscommunication, missed opportunities, and unhappy customers are indicators of ineffectiveness, which is the opposite of capability.  “Multi-Model Improvement” offers a road map to performance capability for organizations that utilize multiple process models -- CMMI, ISO/TS and Auto SPICE – and are dealing with the indicators of ineffectiveness between management and engineering. With “Multi-Model Improvement,” you’ll learn to combine the frameworks and methodologies you use to do your work innovatively, improving your capabilities for better performance, better quality products and greater customer satisfaction.

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Outline/structure of the Session

• OVERVIEW OF THE PROBLEM: The auto industry today is replete with internal rancor, leading to friction and waste. This can be traced to the poor integration of ISO/TS, CMMI and Auto SPICE, which has resulted in management and engineering acting like independent entities, inhibiting capabilities.
• OPPORTUNITY: Organizations that have a CMMI Maturity Level 2 or Level 3 rating can achieve great results by leveraging the architectural strengths of CMMI to address issues with multiple models
• VISION FOR THE FUTURE: Increase capabilities by aligning the "ISO/TS side of the business" (management) and the "CMMI and Auto SPICE side of the business" (engineering) for greater results.
• HOW IT WORKS: Take an object-oriented approach to your process development so that you can add frameworks beyond ISO, CMMI, and SPICE when your customers ask you for more and more.

Learning Outcome

Leverage the power of aligning ISO, CMMI and SPICE to establish an environment for culture change:

• Stop wasting effort by doubling work
• Quit doing work in one tool and reporting in another
• Close the gap between management and engineering
• Improve requirements churn and volatility
• Meet schedule and budget
• Better perform the work you do every day

Target Audience

engineering and software executives and teams

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