The Ship! Culture – The secret behind our continuous success in shipping an award winning enterprise mobile app

What does it take to build an award winning enterprise mobile app that serves millions of customers? How to keep scaling the platform and delivering values to customers frequently, reliably and with quality while keeping the team happy and engaged?

Beyond coding, there are important pieces of puzzle that have to come together. This presentation offers a case study of our journey from launching the flagship mobile app for one of the country’s top financial institutions to growing the platform that consistently ships and innovates. Through our experience, the audience can gain key insights into the challenges we faced and the decisions and commitments we made along the way to foster a culture that values shipping, innovation, continuous improvement, and keeps it fun in the process.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This will be a 45 minute presentation with 40 minutes on stage and 5 minutes Q&A

 The presentation is outlined as follows:

 (5 minutes) Brief history of our launch journey: How we launched a completely redesigned flagship mobile app for one of the country’s top financial institutions and transform the API organization in the process.

 (5 minutes) With the success of the initial launch, what new challenges emerged?

 (30 minutes) How do we address these challenges and continue to scale:

  1. What’s the mind set that has made us successful?
  2. How do our technology stack, tooling, and practices enabled faster releases and test and learn?
  3. How do we take care of our most important asset, i.e., our people, and keep them engaged and motivated?

Learning Outcome

  1. Learn the key elements of a high performing culture that cares passionately about shipping great digital products and values innovation and continuous improvement.
  2. Gain insight into the challenges in a large scale agile environment and how to address them.

Target Audience

The session is targeted to agile team members, platform leads, and other technology leaders who are interested in shipping great digital products and leading large scale technology delivery.


Some working knowledge of Agile and software delivery. 

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  • Jennifer Hinton
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    Hi Xiaobin,

    Thanks for the conference submission! Could you provide a bit more description in your outline to help the speaker committee in reviewing your proposal?  Perhaps you could add a link to the similar talk your presented at Women Who Code Connect 2017?