I would like to host a series of Lean Coffee collaborative conversations for 10-20 participants per session throughout the day.

What is Lean Coffee?

Lean Coffee is a type of discussion for the people, by the people. Participants gather, build an agenda together, and begin talking. It is sometimes called a structured, but agenda-less meeting.

  1. We will identify what we want to talk about
  2. We will vote & discuss
  3. We will identify key findings/ideas/takeaways

Why do it?

It's a great technique to learn when you want to spark some engaged -- yet casual, collaborative conversations around topics that are of interest to the group.  You can use the Lean Coffee format within your department, across departments, as a brainstorming platform or for team retrospectives. There are many different possible applications. 

What will we discuss?

The theme of each session could be either undefined and be a real democratic set of agile topics making for truly spontaneous networking/collaborative/experiential learning and participation opportunities...or attendees/conference organizers can help me come up with a set of themes (one per session) in advance.

I hope you will join me,



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Outline/structure of the Session

It is quite simple:

  1. (optional) Select a theme
  2. Setup a Kanban Board for the discussion
  3. Identify what you want to talk about
  4. Vote
  5. Discuss

Learning Outcome

There are multiple learning outcomes for Lean Coffee sessions, including:

  • New techniques for engaging team members in productive, efficient discussions
  • Experience with Kanban Board basics
  • Collaborating and networking with other conference attendees
  • Sharing your experiences with others and learning from their experiences
  • No two sessions will be exactly alike; so come participate in more than one session to really understand the format and take it back to your organization

Target Audience

Anyone and Everyone


No experience required.

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