What is ToMo and how can it help my Agile Transformation?

This talk is based on the book’ Primed to Perform’ by Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor.

 So what is ToMo and why do you care?

 We all know that at the root of an Agile Transformation is a culture transformation.  And that’s where it gets hard.  How do you change the mindsets of the organization?  How do you inspire leaders to look past short term goals and build a culture that supports agility and adaptive performance?   How do you measure it?

ToMo stands for Total Motivation.

In a nutshell why you work affects how well you work.  

Total motivation is the missing link between culture and organizational performance. The authors have developed a few simple models that help us understand how to build a culture of motivated employees as well as cultivate an environment that rewards adaptive over tactical behavior.  This is the type of culture that is foundational for an Agile Transformation.

This is a 45 minute talk with some hands on exercises and discussions to reinforce the understanding of how ToMo works and supports an Agile Transformation.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • What is Total Motivation
    • Overview of the ToMo spectrum
    • Why is this important in the agile transformation journey
    • Audience Participation:  Table exercise mapping the agile/scrum values to the ToMo spectrum
  •  How does total motivation drive performance
    • Overview of Adaptive versus Tactical performance
    • How does this support and Agile Transformation
    • Audience Participation:  Discussion of your organization's view Adaptive over Tactical performance
  • What will you do?
    • Identify what you will do help build more ToMo in your organization

Learning Outcome

This session will help the audience understand the concept of pure motivation (why you work affects how well you work) and how this enables a company wide agile transformation.  It will provide examples and tools to help an organization understand what is their ToMo score and how they can improve it.

Target Audience

Executives, Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters

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