Facebook Agile: From Green to Greener, plus other lies and bull$#!t

All companies tell lies.  All executives endorse lies.  And all employees live lies.    

We must pretend we are amazing, and brag to our peers about how much farther ahead we are, than they are.  We change the narrative to suit our lies.  We have reports to prove our lies.    

This happens at EVERY company.

When you look at Facebook feeds – all you see is pictures of vacations.  Smiling kids.  BBQs. Clean pools.  You never see the miserable couple, the dirty laundry, or the crying kids.  

Enter Facebook Agile.

We are conditioned to hide the bad $#!t that is going on around us. There’s no reason anyone has to know what’s really going on (even though most people know what’s going on).

Our leaders are afraid of what other peers might think.  Or worse, what other “senior management” might perceive or judge.  So they choose not to be leaders, despite the obvious need for leadership.

That is not leadership.

That is pretending to be something you aren’t.

That is Facebook Agile.  

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • The lies we tell at work
  • Leadership, and why leaders lack it
  • Solving the wrong problems
  • Why your Facebook feed is bull$#!t 
  • Why your status report is also bull$#!t
  • Stop living a Lie
  • Adult Conversations 

Learning Outcome

  • Transparency, and how to embrace it
  • Creating an culture of continuous learning through truth telling
  • Accelerating success by sharing failures

Target Audience

Leaders, Executives, and the folks who lie to make them happy.


People who attend this session should have experience completing or reading status reports that say everything is fine (and green), knowing full well things haven't been fine (or green) in months.  

Anyone who has told a lie to avoid overhead at work.  ' 

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