It seems like "Agile" goes with everything these days; government projects, not-for-profit initiatives, scaled agile, startups, etc., etc.. This session will explore agility, management, and product lessons using excerpts from the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black to illustrate these concepts. This light-hearted, yet valuable, session will take you inside the confines of Litchfield Penitentiary and expose you to the lives of the women who are incarcerated there. We'll use a series of vignettes from the show to highlight lessons in agility. No prior knowledge of the series Orange is the New Black is required for you to enjoy and benefit from this session.

Participants will leave with a handout that contains reminders and tips based on the scenarios we cover in the session.

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Outline/structure of the Session

5 minutes - Intro to the session and what to expect. A brief introduction to the main characters that we will see throughout the session. This opening is designed to help attendees relate to the characters and context of and context of Orange is the new Black.

 A series of vignettes and observations and suggestions for how to address challenges like: onboarding new members, positioning new ideas with leadership, the dangers of "agile" mindset morphing into following a bunch of rules, and more. 

5 to 8 minutes of time for questions at the end

Learning Outcome

Through this entertaining session, we're going to explore:

  • Learn about cultural norms and the value of effective onboarding.
  • Learn about the value of senior leaders engaging directly with front-line workers.
  • Explore how the formalization and "religion" of Agile can impact teams
  • more



Target Audience

Anybody, Scrum Masters, Testers, Managers,


No prerequisite knowledge is required. I'll be editing the clips to help ensure that your HR department would approve of the session.

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