Agile HR & People Operations

Human Resources is critical to creating and nurturing a truly agile environment, and with positions like CHRO becoming ever more prominent, better positioned to make a real difference.  How can HR practitioners apply agile principles both to their own work, and to strengthening the overall adaptability and appeal of the organizations they support?

This session will explore topics from Arlen's forthcoming book The Leader's Guide to Agile HR & People Operations through a smidgen of talking and a bevy of entertaining and (largely) practical exercises.

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Outline/structure of the Session

The Intersection of HR & Agility

Assessing Organizational Agility (exercise)

Stories of Agile HR

Doing HR Work with Agile Methods (exercise)

Hiring for Agility

Agile Performance Management (exercise)

Creating an Agile Workplace (exercise)

Next-Generation Compensation Schemes (exercise)

Getting Started in Agile HR (personal planning exercise)

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn how to:

  • Assess Organizational Agility from an HR Perspective
  • Use Agile Methods to do HR Work
  • Create a Holistically Agile Environment as an HR Practitioner

Target Audience

HR practitioners, agile coaches, management consultants


No prior agile knowledge is necessary for this session, as it will reframe agile principles in jargon-free language.

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