Creating a Lean PMO; Empower People, Enable Flow

Stop getting good at process and start getting good at business! This session is for anyone who is seeking practical, proven techniques to create a Lean Portfolio Management Office. Participants will explore the pre-requisites for a Lean PMO, the role of the PMO in agile delivery, and a high level overview of a Portfolio Kanban System that balances the speed of agile delivery with the accountability and transparency needed by organizations for complex programs.  Along the way, you will hear details of how a dynamic product company evolved to a people-centric, flow-based PMO.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This is a presentation (with a case study as an example) of how a PMO can evolve to partner with delivery teams, rather than govern from the outside.

The breakdown of this talk is streamlined for this session:

5 m. overview of case study (Why a Lean PMO?)

10 m. on the environment, mindset and principles that are pre-requisites for a Lean PMO

20 m. on a high level Portfolio System that provides alignment, transparency, and accountability to an agile organization.

10 m. on the lightweight governance process that can be established to review the artifacts


Learning Outcome

  1. Discover the environment that must exist for a Lean Portfolio Management Office (PMO)
  2. Learn the basics of a Portfolio Kanban system that complements with agile delivery
  3. Examine how the role of the PMO in practice evolves from management and reporting to empowering people and enabling flow

Target Audience

This talk is designed for anyone who supports or leads a program management office. The target audience is: any Agile practitioner, no matter the role; Project Manager, Program Manager, PMO leaders and executives.


It is helpful to understand the basics of Agile frameworks such as Scrum, but not necessary. Participants will receive the material from the talk.

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  • Alexandra Panrell
    By Alexandra Panrell  ~  1 week ago
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    One of Julee's strengths is her ability to present from the strategic standpoint through tactics, making her dynamic and able to respond to her audience's needs. Aside from that she always gives you ideas on how to implement based on your specific needs, which I have always found extremely useful in putting learnings into practice. You can expect to leave with new ideas and some new jokes in your tool belt since her sense of humor is one of a kind!

  • Shannon Nacua
    By Shannon Nacua  ~  2 weeks ago
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    Julee is one of the leading authorities in the southwest Florida area on creating lean organizations. She has dedicated her work to studying lean thinking and system design. This is a stellar presentation that will provide useful information to the audience.

  • Jamie Fulmino
    By Jamie Fulmino  ~  2 weeks ago
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    I am so lucky to have had the pleasure to work with Julee Bellomo!  She is not only an amazing mentor, but she lives out what she teaches everyday.  I learned so much from her.  I encourage you to attend this presentation, I know it will be just as awesome as her.

  • Wendy Vigre
    By Wendy Vigre  ~  2 weeks ago
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    I am a huge fan of Julee Bellomo! She has been studying, implementing, mentoring and living "lean ways of thinking" for 20+ years and really knows her stuff.  This presentation is powerful,  motivating and will make you think.  I highly recommend this presentation. 

  • Liked Dan Neumann

    Experience a Red/Green/Refactor Coding Kata

    Dan Neumann
    Dan Neumann
    Agile Coach
    schedule 2 weeks ago
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    45 mins

    Have you heard people talking about Test Driven Development (TDD) but never tried it? Now is the time to try! This session will lead its participants through a programming challenge. Don't worry, it's safe. We're going to do a technical version of "follow the leader," where you will do the programming by following along with the session's facilitator. We'll debrief the exercise at the end. Please do bring a laptop or be willing to pair up with someone who does.

    We will use the Python programming language, and PythonAnywhere web-based environment to avoid setup and configuration activities. You do NOT need to know Python (or any programming) to participate.