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I'm generally recognised as the pioneer of Agile Recruitment in the UK since delivering a team of XP consultants to a consulting business back in 1999. Since then I have been a significant contributor to projects such as Specsavers,, Dixons, AOL, BSkyB, BBC, Brighthouse, Laterooms, and DWP amongst others. Community and People are key to the success of what has been achieved, demonstrated by being the only recruiter sponsoring and helping with the Agile Business Conference and in latter years launching the UK Agile Awards which was my brainchild in its inaugural year in 2010. Very frequently I'm often involved with facilitating the recovery of failing projects and getting new projects launched and safely underway.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Having supplied teams, projects and organisations with Coach's over the last 19 years of my career, we seem to be at a cross roads on what an Agile Coach is and what are the pre-requisites in being one. With the significant increase in Certifications in the Agile Community are we in danger of sliding into a mediocre world of Agile Coaching: Qualifications more important than experience?

We'll examine ideas, thoughts around this in an interactive way with the audience. The end ideal would be to create an almost Coaching Manifesto to clarify what a Coach is and set the expectations to what someone should expect when hiring one.

Learning Outcome

To enrich:

- Knowledge of individuals and organisations who hire Agile Coach's 

- Determine and clarify what a Coach does and the expectations of what they should achieve

- To show it's about people and not just certifications

Target Audience

Hiring Managers, Executives, Agile folk with Certifications, Transformation Projects and those that delivery something for and with people that lead and coach.


- Agile Certifications

- Differences between a Coach and Scrum Master

- Views on what a Coach does

- Agile Manifesto


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  • George Dinwiddie
    By George Dinwiddie  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi, Simon,

    The purpose of the description section is to provide potential attendees enough information to know it the topic interests them and will be valuable in their situation. The purpose of the outline/structure section is to provide the reviewers with enough information to decide if you'll fulfill the promises of the description in a helpful way. In your proposal, both of these sections leave me in the dark.

     - George