Lean Delivery Learnings: Tailoring Agile for Government Programs

In the last five years there has been a tremendous surge in the volume of Federal procurements calling for lean and agile solutions to complex problems.  In spite of this, many of these same Government agencies still cling to traditional waterfall models of delivery.

How do we embrace lean and agile principles while delivering under these constraints within large-scale Government agile software delivery initiatives? 

What agile approaches can be effectively used "out of the box" while others may need to be tailored to address legacy Government processes and operating environments? 

In this talk I’ll walk through each of the seven Lean principles and unveil how -- on two Federal Government scaled-agile engagements -- specific lean-agile processes and approaches were tailored for program delivery success, while remaining compliant with agency mandates.   

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • (5 min) Background and introduction
  • (10 min) Overview of 7 Lean software development principles
    • Eliminate Waste
    • Build Quality In
    • Create Knowledge
    • Defer Commitment
    • Deliver Fast
    • Respect People
    • Optimize the Whole
  • (30 min) For each Lean principle: 
    • Discuss challenges applying agile within a Government setting to satisfies each principle
    • Examine specific lean-agile process tailoring examples used to address those challenges (tools, techniques, practices)
    • Review lessons learned and other considerations for further study

Learning Outcome

  • Understand  lean-agile software development delivery challenges on Government project/programs
  • Learn more about specific lean and agile process tailoring techniques that addresses these adoption and delivery challenges within a Government setting
  • Examine approach for how to improve delivery efficiencies and the flow of value on your project
  • Learn basics of Lean Software Development principles that compliment agile delivery

Target Audience

Agile Leaders, Project/Program Manager, Scrum Masters, Coaches. Individuals delivering software for Federal or State Government projects.

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  • 45 mins

    Skeptics may say that it is too hard to bring User Centered Design (UCD) into the Agile process, but when the two worlds collide you get the benefits of both.  UCD can improve your game by ensuring that your focus stays on delivering product value and that teams produce working software that end users will actually use.  During this talk you will hear from experts with both Agile and UCD experience who will share stories and examples of how their teams have successfully integrated the two practices and what challenges they have faced along the way.  In addition, you will leave with three tools that you can use to integrate UCD into your projects today.