Creating great products in 5 Dimensions

To build great products, those that deliver an awesome experience that customers love, we need to broaden our view to the product experience as a whole, and not just the physical aspects of a product. The traditional Software Development Life Cycle view is not enough, as it only focuses on the physical implementation (software development). In today’s world, to build a successful product, building a “thing” is no longer enough, and you need to have a broader look that includes the whole customer experience around your product. Marketing, training, support, maintenance, partnerships with resellers, retail locations, a sales team can all be parts of your awesome product experience.
We need a new approach, to plan for both tangible and intangible aspects of a product experience. We need a 5D vision of the Product Experience.
The 5 Dimensions of product management (DISCOVER, DESIGN, DEVELOP, DEPLOY, DELIVER) help us in creating a product from ideation to launch with a step-by-step guide across each phase. The framework organizes techniques that product managers can employ to create awesome products. This session presents the 5D Vision framework through a combination of lectures, group exercises, and real-life stories. Participants actively create and organize their 5D Vision framework in a collaborative exercise. Learn about Design Sprints, Customer Journey Maps, Prioritization techniques, Development and Testing, Launch plan, and Delivering success.

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Outline/structure of the Session

The session will be a mix of lectures, real-life stories, and group exercises. I want to share with the audience the foundations of concepts, and then let them work to solidify their learning. The exercises will include individual exercises, as well as group exercises. I expect people to self-organize in teams of 6-7 participants around each table.
- Meet your table: share with your peers a product you have launched, have helped launch, or have somehow been involved with - 5 mins
- Brief lecture of what is a product - 2-3 mins
- Exercise: There will be posters around the room (on the walls) with examples of great products and brands (e.g. Starbucks, Uber, Ikea, etc.). Probably two or three for each product to accommodate for a large number of participants. Participants will walk to a poster (one for each team) and use post-its to identify tangible and intangible attributes of their product. This is first step in thinking about the customer experience these products deliver. 10 mins
- We'll begin looking at each of the dimensions. For each dimension I expect to conduct:
-- A brief lecture, explaining the goal of the dimension.
-- A team/individual exercise to identify the activities to conduct in this phase. This can be a brainstorming exercise, or a guided one with pre-printed cards that the team needs to organize
-- Pair sharing: finding a partner, each participant shares an example of how they have used the technique before (if they haven't, how they plan on using it)
-- (10 minutes per dimension, 5 dimensions. The exercises will slightly vary to bring variation in the session)
- At the end of the session, distribute a hand-out with the full map of all methodologies available

Learning Outcome

- What is a great product
- Going beyond building "the thing"
- Delivering a great customer experience
- The 5D Vision framework
- Using the right tools for each phase
- Deployment is not the goal. Delivery is
- What is Delivery? What is a great customer experience?
- How do we measure a great customer experience
- Familiarity and context for several methodologies including Design Thinking/Design Sprints, Customer Journey Maps, Product Journey Maps, ATDD, MVP, Metrics-based delivery

Target Audience

Product managers, founders, executives


Familiarity with:
- Scrum
- Product management in general
- Design Thinking, Design Sprints
- MVP and Lean Startup concepts
- Prioritization concepts such as MoSCow, WSJF
Previous experience in developing and launching a product in the marketplace

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  • George Dinwiddie
    By George Dinwiddie  ~  1 year ago
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    How do you plan to make this fit 45 minutes?

     - George

    • Valerio Zanini
      By Valerio Zanini  ~  1 year ago
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      I'm currently preparing this talk for a 75 minute slot at the Agile 2017 conference. I will adjust some of the materials and trim a few exercises to make it fit in a 45 minute slot.


      • George Dinwiddie
        By George Dinwiddie  ~  1 year ago
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        OK. Please update the proposal when you design the 45-minute version.