Most organizations are embracing the desire to be lean, at least espousing the desire.  But what does lean mean in different contexts? Is embracing lean as a startup different than lean delivery as a midsize company or a large organization or a government agency? 

This talk will explore what it means to be lean in various sized organizations, what is the same and what is different about lean implementations based on the size of the organization.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction - working in both sizes of companies, federal, commercial, small, large

Definition of lean - very brief to make sure that everyone is on the same page

Look at how experiments are created in large and small organizations

Look at how experiments are measured in large and small organizations

Look at how governance and processes are defined and enforced at large and small organizations

Conclusions about large and small organizations and what each have in common and where the major differences are


Learning Outcome

What types of lean activities to pay attention to in various sized organizations

How to customize a lean implementation depending on size

How lean changes or doesn't change based on organizational size

Target Audience

Anyone interested in lean implementation


Basic lean/agile understanding 

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