Change is hard (duh!) but the book Switch changed my life. While there are lots of change management models out there, Directing the Rider, Motivating the Elephant and Shaping the Path is the one I follow.
Scaling is hard too. But if we think about Change and Scaling together in the right way, maybe they don’t have to be quite so hard.
Recent polling of thousands of Scrum practitioners in the U.S. and Europe indicate that 66% of organizations are at the beginning stage of scaling Scrum. The State of Scrum report says 52% say their "organizational design and culture made it difficult to adopt and further scale Scrum". The State of Agile report says 63% say their "Company philosophy or culture [are] at odds with core agile values"
Think about your organization. Are executives disengaged? Are the agile teams executing independently like feral cats?
Come and learn three actionable things to make your scaling more successful, three things you can implement tomorrow to Direct the Rider, Motivate the Elephant and Shape the Path.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Big Idea - There are three tangible steps you can take to help you scale better.
Step 1 - Think in Patterns (Shape the Path - Tweak the Environment)
Step 2 -  Reuse what you have (Motivate the Elephant - Shrink the change)
Step 3 - Implement in Slices (Direct the Rider - Script the Critical Moves)

Learning Outcome

 You’ll come away with three actionable things you can implement tomorrow that will make your scaling more successful.

Target Audience

Anyone thinking about, or frustrated with, trying to do Agile at scale


 Familiarity with Scrum, and an understanding of different scaling models.

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