Transforming Technical Managers into Agile Leaders

In my experience shepherding agile transformations, I see natural tendencies to focus support of role transformation at the executive level and at the team level.  We partner executives with coaches to guide them into new ways of leading delivery, and train and coach individuals into new team level roles such as product owners and scrum masters.  Despite acute awareness of key role transformation requirements, organizations tend to neglect the crucial middle management level of technical managers who are key in driving and sustaining agile transformation, as much, or more so than even executive and team level roles.

In this session we will explore the vital transformation of technical managers into agile leaders through a deeper dive into the following themes of delivery leadership,

  • Educating managers for a new way of leading technology delivery
  • Optimize the delivery system over optimizing individuals and directing teams
  • Coach and mentor staff, collaborate with peers and hold executives accountable
  • Drive the technology strategy, empower others to execute on the tactical 
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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction – Doug Huffman & CapTech
  • Set Intent – The forgotten agile role of technical manager
  • New education required for mangers
  • Optimize the system, not the individuals or teams
  • Stop managing, start leading, coaching and mentoring
  • Drive technology strategy, empower others to execute the tactical
  • Technology manager evaluation tools and assessments
  • Q&A
  • Closing Remarks

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn how to support technology delivery managers in transformation from managing focus, to leadership focus

Target Audience

Technology delivery managers and any delivery professionals interacting with delivery managers in agile environments


Attendees should a foundational understanding of agile practices and have at least 2 years experience operating in agile delivery environments

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