The Ultimate Developer Collaboration Technique: Ping Pong Pair Programming

Pair programming is challenging for uninitiated developers. It has long been considered to yield high quality code, but many developers avoid it because of the challenges and the changes to their workflow. Ping Pong Pair Programming, however is a technique that is easy to learn, addresses the frustrations of traditional pair programming, and encourages other development practices that also produce high quality code (e.g., Test-Driven Development). In this talk we will layout the basics of Ping Pong Pair Programming, describe how it addresses problems with traditional pair programming, and then demonstrate how it works in practice.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The first half of the presentation describes why a lot of developers don't practice pair programming. We discuss the challenges with traditional (driver/navigator) pair programming. We then describe how Ping Pong Pair Programming addresses these issues. We end with a prerecorded Ping Pong Pair Programming session that we narrate in real-time, practicing TDD.

Learning Outcome

Participants will understand the basics of Ping Pong Pair Programming and are encouraged to experiment with it in their development organizations.

Target Audience

Developers wishing to learn the basics of Ping Pong Pair Programming and coaches wishing to encourage their teams to learn new pair programming techniques.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have some experience with unit testing and have at least heard of test-driven development and pair programming. 

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