The Art of "Discovering" Product Features

Product discovery is a process that helps us make sure we're not just creating products that are usable, but also useful. The notion of requirements and design as a sequential, predictable and scheduled phase in a product development process is so ingrained in our industry that it’s often one of the most difficult habits for product organizations to break. Product organizations need to come to terms with the fact that the product invention process is fundamentally a creative process. It is more art than science. The session will present an opportunity to learn techniques in interactive, hands-on exercises.
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Outline/structure of the Session

0:00 - Welcome & intro
0:02 - Background and Context
0:05 - Intro to Product Discovery
0:12 - Techniques for Effective Product Discovery
0:25 - Exercise -
0:37 - Debrief
0:42 - Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  1. What is Product Discovery
  2. Two techniques for product discovery
  3. Practice one product discovery technique

Target Audience

Product Owners, Business Sponsors, Business Analysts, Scrum Team members



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