Story Telling - What Home Improvement Can Teach You About Lean Agile Principles

Join me and listen to the hilarious story of how a simple home improvement project turned into an unforgettable lesson about flow, establishing sustainable throughput of value by eliminating waste, removing constraints and at the same time, maintaining a happy marriage.

Inspired by Steve Denning and Rich Sheridan (Joy Inc.), who consider themselves organizational story tellers and Daniel Vacanti's book, "Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability", I will tell the story of how, what I thought, was a simple home improvement project, turned into a learning opportunity about Lean Agile principles. Listen to how a real-life home improvement mission, riddled with challenges and constraints led to the discovery of continuous throughput of value and predictability. By simply changing ONE thing, how I approached my work by optimizing the "flow of my system", I reduced batch and total cycle times by half. For me, optimizing the flow of any system is the single most important factor in the delivery of sustainable value to your customers. Would your customers be happy with results like mine? I'm guessing that is a rhetorical question.

In this 45-minutes session, I will share my personal journey of discovery and provide participants an opportunity to explore their constraints and what bottlenecks are impeding their ability to achieving flow.




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Outline/structure of the Session

Session Outline:

20 minutes - Story Telling

3 minutes - Participants use silent writing to reflect on their own constraints

10 minutes - Participants break into small teams of 2-3 people, and take turns sharing their constraints and help each other explore solutions.

5 minutes - wrap up, QA and other discussion

Learning Outcome

This session is about changing the mindset of how people think about approaching their work. I want participants to understand that if they examine their work, both personally and professional, identify the bottlenecks to achieving flow and find a new way to approach their work differently, the results are unimaginable. If I could achieve such drastic results on a home improvement project, think what they could do at work? I simply changed one thing while doing the same work, with the same tools and the same work in process limit. This is the promise of agile. This is about transformation - how can you change the way you approach your work and deliver the highest sustainable value to your customers in the most predictive manner.

I want people to leave this session not only thinking about how they can improve their experience at work, but thinking how this could have a true impact on their personal lives.

Target Audience

The target audience is anyone that wants to open their mind to thinking about a differnt way of approaching their work. Anyone you wants to benefit from working more efficiently and effectively should attend.


There are no prerequisites. Just a good sense of humor and an open mind.

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