Application of Agile outside of Software Development

Adopting Agile as a proven methodology has been beneficial for the software development industry and has yielded dramatic results for both customers (both in the federal and commercial marketplaces) and Agile teams as a whole. This methodology has overtaken traditional waterfall methodologies because it has proven to successfully deliver value early and continuously and provide a high level of transparency. Though Agile has various frameworks such as Scrum to perform its work, the Agile principles and mindset are the philosophy that governs the Agile process and allows Agile teams to effectively collaborate and quickly respond to change.

Although Agile can contribute to successful and often innovative software development, it has not been known to necessarily integrate well with non-IT departments which make up a large portion of an organization’s ecosystem. Not integrating Agile effectively outside of the IT space is a missed opportunity for important synergies that would have the ability to propel an organization from good to world-class if the functional departments had adopted and internalized the Agile mindset and principles.

Agile in its current form has converged towards solutions for standing up the Agile team and performing Agile at scale but lacks solutions for how to change functional departments’ management and leadership practices to an Agile framework. The concept we propose is a methodology that engages and helps non-IT departments and groups internalize the Agile mindset by redirecting the Agile project’s focus to the value stream and its transformation plan. Unlike the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) that uses value stream mapping for IT projects, this concept uses value stream mapping to identify non-IT improvement countermeasures that are completed through the use of the Scrum process and conducted by the non IT functional department staff. Engaging non-IT departments could shift an organization’s culture by connecting and sustaining functional departments’ interest across the value stream, throughout the life cycle of any given project. With this approach, an entire organization can internalize the Agile mindset and principles to achieve business agility.


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Outline/structure of the Session

The presentation will explore the application of Agile outside of software development and discuss the following:

  • Background and overview of the approach
  • Challenges with integrating Agile in non-IT functional departments
  • Non-IT approach to Agile application and its benefits


Learning Outcome

  • Learn how to extends Agile’s benefits to an entire organization, regardless of the nature of work being conducted.
  • Learn how to create cross-functional collaboration at the functional department level that helps change the organizational culture, by removing silos and assisting with organization-wide Agile adoption.
  • Learn how to use value stream mapping to free up functional department’s capacity and directly align Agile projects’ success to functional manager’s interests. 

Target Audience

Open to all


No Prerequisites 

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    Hi Carl and Yasmin, 

    Thanks for the submission. Could you add further detail in the outline/structure of the session to help reviewers understand how you intend to achieve your learning outcomes?