Lean / Agile at Special Love for Children with Cancer

Special Love for Children with Cancer is a group that puts on camps and provides a financial and emotional network for children with cancer and their families. Special Love has been successful in organizing nearly 20 yearly events, a variety of fundraisers and well over 100 volunteers with a staff of just four and a half.

In this talk, we will explore the parallels between their practices and concept in Lean and Agile as well as how Special Love is using a modified version of Scrum to tweak their volunteer culture.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction
    • Speaker background
    • Purpose of talk
    • Introduction to Special Love
  • Lean and Agile principles that were already in practice
  • How Special Love is adapting with Scrum
    • Improvement committees
    • Challenges
    • Successes
  • General suggestions for adopting Scrum in non-profits and other non-software industries

Learning Outcome

An improved understanding of how Scrum and other frameworks can be adapted and specific practices for operating in a volunteer based, non-profit.

Target Audience

People that want to adopt Agile frameworks in other industries.


Many lessons have been learned but this is not a complete system yet.

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