This session would cover in detail the broader transformation that is currently happening in organizations which are moving beyond Agile and DevOps and are becoming truly adaptive and self-managed organizations just like living organisms.

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Outline/structure of the Session

- Introduction

- Why Enterprise agility is important

- What organizations have mastered and struggling with

- Meaning of true Enterprise Agility

- 5 Technical capabilities to unlock Agility

- Details of each of the above Technical Capability

- Beyond Agile & Devops: Adaptive & Self-Managed Organizations

- The next Level of Enterprise Agility

- Conclusion

Learning Outcome

- Understanding real meaning of true Agility

- Understanding technical capabilities required to unlock Agility

- Understanding the road ahead

Target Audience

Senior Leaders interested in understanding what all it takes to move a organization from being Agile to DevOps and beyond.


A basic understanding of Agile and DevOps should be sufficient.

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