Agency Agility: A Case Study in Bringing Agile to Advertising

How do you apply agile methods to creative pursuits? We at CHIEF spent the last year working to find out. In this session, we’ll use CHIEF’s agile adoption as a case study for applying agile methods beyond the IT sector, specifically in creative work. Then, we’ll dive into how an agile approach can be applied to your work life. Full agile adoption can be a lofty goal -- and even counterproductive in the wrong setting -- but even incremental progress toward agility brings excellent rewards. We've found that going agile isn't a binary change; instead, it's a spectrum of change.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Introduction
  2. CHIEF Case Study
    1. Problems to solve
      1. Wanted to reap the benefits of agile - being faster, smarter, more responsive
      2. Agile demanded by clients
      3. Large, departmentalized teams not most efficient
    2. The Challenge
      1. Adopting agile in a creative workplace
      2. Debunking myths about agile
      3. Scrum framework not appropriate for all projects and clients
      4. Very little previous experience with agile
    3. Solutions
      1. Training
      2. Knowledge sharing
      3. Adaptive applications of scrum
      4. Culture change
      5. Agile Mindset
    4. Outcomes
      1. CHIEF today
      2. Project successes
  3. Lessons Learned & Keys to Success
    1. Take it slow
    2. Make reasonable goals
    3. Approach agile adoption with an agile workflow
      1. Continuous improvement
      2. Time to reflect
      3. Transparency

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave this session knowing how agile can be applied to a creative workplace, and they’ll know that the organizational awareness and work mindset that comes with agile adoption is more important than perfect application.

Target Audience

Anyone looking to adopt agile in a setting outside software development and people curious about agile in advertising.

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