Transforming from Scrum to Kanban - The 5 Main Dysfunctions


When transitioning from Scrum to Kanban, or any new methodology, there can be a tendency to lose focus on what made you successful in the first place. At Capital One, teams are given the flexibility to operate as they see fit, using any Agile method necessary to improve the quality the product and the productivity of the teams. When one 20 year veteran and a rookie straight out of QA saw the potential benefits of having their teams go from Scrum to Kanban, they teamed up and got to work on transforming the teams. They took the training, they got the teams on board with the change, and everything seemed fine…. For a while. Across the teams, five negative patterns were identified that were affecting the teams in different ways. The two Agile enthusiasts persisted and came away with solutions for each. Even better, they figured out how to avoid these dysfunctions all together.

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Outline/structure of the Session


5 Min: Intro - Who we are, What we do and what we are here to speak about

5 Min: Team layout why we wanted to switch methods

5 Min: What we did and the improvements that we saw

10 Min: The 5 Dysfunctions - Patterns and Problems

10 Min: How we solved them

10 Min: How we avoid them

Learning Outcome

How to avoid the same pitfalls and issues that teams commonly faced during any significant change in the team. This talk focuses on teams shifting from Scrum to Kanban, but the same principles could be applied to any major change.

Target Audience

Agile/Lean/Scrum advocates considering a transformational chagne


Basics of Agile and Scrum.

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