What exactly is a high-performing team? Theories and suggestions abound, but a real definition seems to be hard to find. Many Product Managers may "feel" their teams are high performing because they deliver consistent value. But are they really high-performing, or just performing? In this session we will cover the top 10 characteristics of a high-performing software development team and how to get your teams there.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Energizer - "Around the World Greetings"
  • Speaker Introduction
  • Audience Poll - What is a high-performing team?
  • Top 10 Characteristics of high performing teams
  • Introduction to Agile Team Performance Measures
  • Closing

Learning Outcome

Participants should leave understanding that while an agreed upon definition for high-performing teams may be hard to find, the characteristics of them are not. The characteristics will become their vision of a high-performing team, and the Agile Team Performance Measures will serve as a way to track progress towards becoming and staying one.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers, Agile Coaches, Technical Leads


Participants should possess a general understanding of software development and Agile practices.

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