Ignite Insights into DevOps Tools

DevOps is a technical enabler of Agile and the ecosystem of DevOps tooling is quite rich. However, that same richness can make choosing the right tool for application and infrastructure automation an overwhelming decision. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure? Terraform or native cloud provisioning services such as AWS CloudFormation? Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI or Drone? Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Salt? These are but a few of the decisions that today’s savvy developer and high performing IT organizations need to make. In this session, Tanu will compare and contrast various tooling available based on her experiences using them in both commercial and federal environments. Tanu will not prescribe any one tool but will provide insights based on real world experience. You will walk away being better able to make an informed decision on what tool is right for your use case.

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Outline/structure of the Session

0-5 min: Intro and review objective, which is not to prescribe any one tool, but provide insights into tooling based on real world experience using it at enterprise scale such that you can make better decisions

5-10 min: Ask audience what some of their favorite tools are and why

10-15 min: Overview of holistic comparison framework and considerations necessary to make a well informed decision

15-40 min: Comparison of tooling available for various use cases such as cloud, cloud infrastructure provisioning, cloud infrastructure configuration, monitoring, logging, orchestration, continuous integration, continuous delivery.

40-45 min: Question & Answer

Learning Outcome

Immediately apply insights to inform your tooling decision

Target Audience

Developers, Project Managers, Executives; anyone who needs to make a tooling decision


Understand the basics of Agile, Cloud and DevOps

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    John Hughes - Go Beyond IT and Change Your Whole Company! Business Agility Transformation Brings Big Benefit

    John Hughes
    John Hughes
    Director, Agile Practice
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    45 Mins

    “Hey John, we don’t just want to help our customers be Agile, we want our firm to be Agile too.”

    These words from our CEO kicked off our journey to transform Sevatec into an Agile company.  Business Agility is still a new idea for companies to embrace and as such, few companies have yet to align with the Agile principles, mindset, and practices.

    Agile companies have happier employees, create greater value, make more immediate impact, operate efficiently, continuously improve, and provide a work environment that is motivating and allows employees to feel trusted, empowered, safe, and whole.

    This session will include our experience with some of the practices we employed such as Impact mapping • work visualization • experiments • fast feedback loops • continuous improvement • cross-functionality • ChatOps • Communities of Practice • Lean Coffee • value-driven • data-driven • empowerment • and Organizational Change supported by Integral Theory/AQAL, Design Thinking, and Neuroleadership.

    Through this session, you will understand what Business Agility is and learn approaches, practices, and tools that provide immediate benefit as well as cultivate the seeds for cultural change.  You will hear stories and see examples of our journey to Business Agility delivered firsthand by members of our business teams such as HR, Finance, Contracts, etc.