Breaking Bad[ly]: Diagnosing a Series of Fragile Agile Choices

There is a lot of 'Bad Agile' out there and what does that really mean anyway? In the public service environment the potential for succumbing to pitfalls is magnified greatly. Let's walk through some of the biggest challenges encountered with agility in the public sector, examine the root causes, and discuss potential options for overcoming them.

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Outline/structure of the Session

We will go through 4-5 major challenges, backed up by real examples (with the names obfuscated to protect the guilty), and different approaches for moving past them. If time allows, we'll open the floor for discussion.

Examples topics:

  • Vertical slices? ...but we are doing a tech refresh!
  • Agile methodology window shopping - why falling in love with a framework may hamper your adoption efforts
  • The standup before the standup - let's get our story straight before we tell the client. Two is worse than one.
  • The dreaded UAT/Change Control Board - how to operate on a cadence
  • Contracts and the downstream effects - aren't these inherently non-Agile?

Learning Outcome

Provide practitioners with a helpful (and hopefully enjoyable) take on how to move forward in challenging situations vs. going back to a traditional (and sometimes more 'comfortable') way of dealing with each challenge.

Target Audience



Basic understanding of Agile concepts and experience banging your head on the wall.

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