Money Money Money: Make a big impact with a few pennies

Have you ever used a coin activity to demonstrate Lean/Agile concepts? If not, let's go over the basics and if yes, let's go deeper to discover the different ways we can use this valuable and dynamic experiential learning tool.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Go through the basics of the coin activity
  2. Demonstrate the coin exercise with class participants
  3. Tie the roles, process, props (coins), and outcomes to basic Agile values and principles.
  4. Highlight advanced (less than apparent) derivations through optional variations
  5. Open to attendee discussion and observations

Learning Outcome

Learn how to use a fun, interactive activity to teach Lean/Agile concepts. Attendees will understand how to run the activity by the end of the session.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in using games to highlight key concepts and create teachable moments


Basic Agile knowledge/understanding

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  • Manoj Vadakkan
    By Manoj Vadakkan  ~  1 year ago
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     I am not sure what Con activity you are referring to.  
    Can you please give us more details of learnings you are expecting from this activity?