Here we are in the 21st century. Sadly, we don't have flying cars. What we do seem to have is an overabundance of busyness. It seems that everybody is just so...busy. From an agile perspective, I see agile teams working very hard but struggling to keep up with their committments. Stories do not get finished within sprint boundaries leading to frustration for both the team and leadership.
And as you try to scale agile the problem on gets bigger....
What If I told you that a simple change in perspective in how the team views and performs work could solve this problem and lead to a drastic increase in how much value the team delivers?
I will talk about how to go about this change during this talk. It's not about being busy.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Who am I?

Does this sound familiar?

Being busy is a badge of honor

What is WIP

High WIP leads to low flow and delays

How to handle unplanned work

Deliver more with smaller batches

Push, don't pull

There's a hole in the boat!

WIP anti-patterns

Learning Outcome

Students will learn that limiting WIP and keeping the queue size small maximizes flow and enables an agile team to hyper focus on getting the most important work done

Target Audience

Anybody who want to go from "I'm sooooo Busy" to getting stuff done.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of scrum and/or Kanban would be helpful.

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