Continuous Testing to Truly Achieve In-Sprint Test Automation

You say your team has adopted agile development practices and that may be true. But, what about your testing? How agile is that? Are you stuck in manual testing mode? Oh, you do automate tests, but it’s never In-Sprint? And you just run automated regression tests within the Sprint? So… the tests you automate are regression tests, not tests validating stories being delivered in the current sprint, right? And you have a separate test automation team that can never keep up with maintenance and is always lagging behind? What about test data? And interfacing systems to your application that are never available? Head exploded yet?

If any of this sounds too familiar, it’s time for a new approach to speed up testing and become truly agile, across the board: Continuous Testing.

We'll go over some proven Continuous Testing practices that helped us truly achieve Nirvana around testing in an Agile team, such as:

  • Shift testing all the way to the left - starting with your backlog grooming sessions
  • Automatically generate test automation scripts... that's different then run them in an automated fashion
  • Achieve maximum coverage with the smallest set of test cases. For a fact.
  • Fully integrate testing into the application pipeline.

Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • The Agile Testing Journey And Maturity
  • Which One Is Right For You?
  • Traditional Agile Testing
  • True Agile Testing
  • How To “Really” Achieve True In-Sprint Testing: Continuous Testing
  • Connecting Agile With DevOps

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand different Agile Testing maturity states - where do you fit?
  2. Understand why Continuous Testing enables true In-Sprint Testing
  3. Hardening Sprints are a workaround, not the end goal
  4. Invest time to build a real application pipeline

Target Audience

Agile teams struggling with keeping up with development.

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