Do you like writing bad software? Of course not! Come learn about ACRUMEN, an acronym for the six key aspects of software quality in priority order, and how to achieve them. (Yes, ACRUMEN has seven letters. Come to the talk to find out about #7.) These concepts are timeless and technology-agnostic, useful with languages from the dinosaur days to tomorrow and beyond, and by developers from fresh-faced novices to grizzled graybeards.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Intro to ACRUMEN (and the presenter)
  • Explanation of, and some tips on how to achieve, each aspect in turn
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

attendees will be familiar with a new way of looking at software quality, and some ideas how to achieve it, so that they can improve their own, and communicate to others about exactly how some software falls short.

Target Audience

developers who care about the quality of their code -- any level; I picked "Intermediate" just because it was in the middle

Prerequisites for Attendees

some real-world coding experience; there is no code in the talk, but some concepts only such people will have been exposed to very much

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