Influence from the Trenches (Influence without $, Budget or Title)

Agile Leadership exists in many forms, some formal and often times informal. Being influential is critical to your success but how do you influence without money, budget or title? We’ll be exploring our natural ability to influence, dissecting influence into two components and how to increase effectiveness in both. You’ll walk away with actionable tools, tips and tricks to flex your influencing muscles right way!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Outline summary:

    • Speaker intro and ask: Why do we want to influence? What is the outcome? (5min)
    • Yelp activity (influence your partner to try out your favorite restaurant) (5min)
    • Table activity: Individually post-in why you felt influenced (5min)
    • Presentation: Introduce the framework of Influence through Competence and Trustworthiness (5min)
    • Table activity and group sharing: Categorize the post-its into a competence or trustworthy column. What are some themes you noticed? (5 min)
    • Presentation: What are the core components of Influence? How do you gain Competence? Trustworthiness? Which of the areas do you need to work on? (10min)
    • Q&A (5min)

  • Total - 45min

Learning Outcome

The key points of this session include:

  • Ability to recognize individuals have more influencing power than they realize
  • Understand 2 components of Influence: competence and trustworthiness
  • Tips and tricks for effective influence

Target Audience

This session is applicable for both novices and advanced Agile practitioners who are interested in improving their Influencing abilities.

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no formal pre-requisites for attending this session. Bring an open mind, a particular situation where you want to improve your influence and join in the discussion!

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