Selling an Agile Transformation / next steps to your Leaderhip

A quick, 45 minute interactive workshop where you will see and experience how to position and sell an Agile Transformation, and / or the next steps in your Organization's Agile Journey, to your Executive Sponsors.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

7 Minutes - Quick overview of Lean, Agile, and Agile at Scale to establish a common understanding.

20 Minutes - Three group exercises to showcase how to think about and position the savings / ROI Lean and Agile can bring to your organization.

15 Minutes - An overview of Average Loaded Hourly Rate (ALHR) and how it simplifies and enables the ROI of an Agile Transformation.

Learning Outcome

How to easily position and sell the benefits of Lean and Agile to your Executive Sponsors.

Target Audience

Business and IT leaders, advocates, and staff who are interested in helping to position and secure executive approval for the next phase of their organizations Agile Journey.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A good base-line understand of Agile, and Agile at Scale is beneficial for workshop attendees.

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  • Hunter McCluer
    By Hunter McCluer  ~  1 year ago
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    Apologies for the delay and yes.  Actually, looking at timing, I recommend we reduce to just to team game exercises.

    1st Exercise - The "Penny" game where three teams of 3 go through a quick interactive session on Linear, Lean, and Agile.  The teams and the workshop attendees quickly learn the value and power of Lean, group ownership, and small, incremental cycles and production deliveries.

    2nd Exercise - The myth of multi-tasking game where 3 participants learn, and show the workshop attendees the limitations and dangers of multi-tasking / being too divided across multiple projects / initiatives.

    Does this answer your questions / needs?

    Happy Day,


  • Phillip Manketo
    By Phillip Manketo  ~  1 year ago
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    Hunter.. can you elaborate on the three group exercises and the intended outcomes/lessons learned of each... the board requires additional context in order to make an informed decision. Thanks!