Servant Leadership—Improving Employee Engagement, Retention and Work Lives

I’ve been fortunate to have had 30 years business experience with Servant Leadership and have seen first hand the amazing results it produces, but more importantly, how it can transform cultures to a positive environment that improves engagement and work lives.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • History of Servant Leadership
  • Case Studies
    • Open discussion
  • How to implement
    • Open discussion

Learning Outcome

  • How to become a better leader through service
  • Improving employee engagement and retention through Servant Leadership
  • Servant Leadership as a business differentiator and a tool for exceptional results

Target Audience

Leaders looking to improve engagement, retention and the lives of their employees

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind to learning how to best engage people through Servant Leadership

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Public Feedback

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  • George Dinwiddie
    By George Dinwiddie  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi, Robert,

    This submission is way too thin to review. It doesn't tell the potential attendees what they'll get from your talk, and it doesn't tell the reviewers what you'll say.

    The abstract is the place where you sell your session to the right prospective attendees. Help them recognize themselves and their situation, and tell them what benefits they'll get by attending. Give them enough information about the content to convince them that they'll get that benefit.

    The outline/structure is the place where you sell your session to the reviewers. Help them recognize that you'll deliver on your abstract. Give them details about the content and the way that you'll present it to convince them that you'll do a good job.

    See also for an independent description of submitting a successful proposal.

    - George, AgileDC Program Chair