A Custom Approach to Agile Development

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Sometimes, teams are faced with projects that don't align with Scrum or the Agile Guides. Whether because of organizational restrictions, or unique circumstances of the project, teams sometimes need to improvise in order to deliver. In this talk, Dave Pradko talks about a custom agile approach developed for a government agency.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Common Difficulties Implementing Agile
  • ATF and its Mission
  • Agile at ATF
  • The ATF Analytics Project - Overview
  • Pros & Risks of an Agile Approach
  • The ATF Analytics Custom agile Approach
  • What We Achieved
  • What We Learned
  • Changes Moving Forward

Learning Outcome

Attendees can expect to learn how to overcome some of the resistance faced to Agile implementations. Attendees will learn about ATF's "toolbox approach to selecting Agile and Kanban best practices when developing its project approach. Finally, attendee can expect to learn about the team's approach to short cycles of continuous approach improvement.

Target Audience

Anyone familiar with Agile concepts, who is interested in learning about implementing Agile

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should be familiar with basic Agile concepts already. It is helpful, but not required if attendees are familiar with some of the common problems or resistance when implementing Agile within an organization.

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Public Feedback

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  • George Dinwiddie
    By George Dinwiddie  ~  1 year ago
    reply Reply

    I like these aspects of the submission, and they should be retained:

    • I like the experience report of a less-than-ideal situation. I hope it will include the things tried that didn't work, also. Helping people understand how you reached a successful process, and how you identified you were going in the right direction, is crucial to their being able to apply your learning in their situation.

    I think the submission could be improved by:

    • Making the abstract communicate better to the attendees who would get most out of this session. Let them see themselves in it, and see what they will learn that will help them.