Successfully Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce

Successfully Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce

There are now four generations of employees working alongside each other as Gen Z makes their entrance into the workforce. To successfully manage a multi-generational workforce, It's important to understand each generation's preferences and motivators. Tailoring your approach to each generation has a multitude of benefits from increasing employee engagement and retention, to boosting productivity and building strong teams. You'll leave this session with tips you can implement immediately, and a new outlook on generational differences.

  • Each generation’s preferences in management style, communication, and motivation
  • How to manage the dynamics of a multi-generational workplace
  • How to support talent at all levels of your organization, from entry level to their first management roles
  • The secrets to managing, motivating, and engaging Millennials and Gen Z

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • An introduction to the four generations in the workplace - Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers
  • 'Generational Mythbusters' - highlighting the biggest myths and truths
  • What you need to know about managing generational conflicts
  • Communication, leadership, and engagement tactics to support multiple generations
  • A closer look at Millennials and Gen Z - what they expect from work, how to meet their needs by compromising, and best practices to keep them at your company
  • The secret to implementing changes on any budget, small or large
  • Wrap up of the top 3 ways you can manage and get the most out of a multi-generational workforce

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave this session better able to manage the dynamics of a multiple generations working together. They'll learn tips to resolve conflicts, get the most out of Millennial and Gen Z employees, and tap into the benefits of having a multi-generational workforce.

Target Audience

HR Leaders, Managers, CEOs, Executive Teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring an open mind!

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