Beyond Prioritization: How to Make an Impact for your Customers

If you’ve been exploring agile methods, you probably want to deliver the most value in the least amount of time possible. But what if the best prioritization and planning just isn’t enough to keep your organization at the top of your market?

Enter Impact Mapping, an approach that reveals the hidden assumptions that keep you from reaching your goal. This technique helps when you're looking for innovative solutions to tough business problems because you'll bring in strategic thinking skills as you identify the ones most likely to reach your goal. Even better, you'll know upfront how to measure the impact of those solutions, so you won't invest more than you need.

This workshop is hands-on, so get ready to learn while you’re working!

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

I’ve been running this experiment since 2018, when I started introducing them in our new Agile Team Immersion, and it’s made a huge impact on the teams I coach. I spoke on this topic for the 4th time at Agile & Beyond.

I think the feedback I’ve gotten has helped me deliver some great content, and even help a few people start to think differently about what agile means for them.

The workshop agenda looks like this:

  • Intro and Icebreaker (5 minutes)
  • Staying in your comfort zone is dangerous (5 min)
  • Data from the CHAOS report (5 min)
  • What is Impact Mapping (5 min)
  • Invite the participants to work together to create an impact map based on predefined scenarios (15 min)
  • How we created an impact without delivering software (5 min)
  • Debrief and Q&A (5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

  • Remove information silos while creating your products
  • Clearly communicate assumptions
  • Realize the WHO, HOW and WHAT that can help reach your goal
  • Help teams align their activities with overall business objectives and make better decisions on their roadmaps

Target Audience

Anyone who has a part in deciding the future of their product

Prerequisites for Attendees


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Public Feedback

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  • George Dinwiddie
    By George Dinwiddie  ~  2 weeks ago
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    I like these aspects of the submission, and they should be retained:

    • Impact Mapping is a fine solution.

    I think the submission could be improved by:

    • Enhancing the abstract so that potential attendees (who might not know that Impact Mapping is a solution for them) can recognize themselves and the problem they're facing, and understand better how Impact Mapping will help them address that problem.
    • Colleen Esposito
      By Colleen Esposito  ~  2 weeks ago
      reply Reply

      Hey George, I've updated the abstract, can you let me know what you think?

      • George Dinwiddie
        By George Dinwiddie  ~  1 week ago
        reply Reply

        It's better, but still seems a little hand-wavey. I like an abstract where the attendee can recognize themselves and their problem, and then know what will be better after attending the session. This abstract doesn't really describe the benefit of Impact Mapping. "Revealing hidden assumptions" seems so vague. Can you make the benefits more concrete?