Hands-on Activity: Managers coaching the transformation using Kata Thinking

Transformation programs usually happen periodically and years apart. They introduce new processes and require organizational restructuring, while they often do not create organizational behavior change. They often ignore the inherent behaviors that have led to the unsatisfying status quo in the first place. These programs separate “the work” from “how we improve the work”.

Rather than having transformation programs every few years, can we embrace change and experimentation as the daily way of work? We can, when managers act as coaches for their teams on experimentation as the way of work. Meaning, when teams experiment they enable delivery, improvements and innovation.

This is an activity-based session that demonstrates the non-ending organizational journey towards growth and innovation. We will follow transformation approach based on Kata Thinking Pattern(KTP) to explain how teams experimentally introduce improvements guided by a universal model.

With minimum lecturing and focus on doing, you would experience first hand the KTP mindset for on-going transformation where managers are coaches. We will use Improvement Cards that are based on industry case studies for digital transformation

We will be organized into teams each has 4-6 people.

This session can be relevant to you, if you are interested in Agile Transformation and Lean Management.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

I will facilitate this workshop playing the manager's role(coach) for the participants who will be grouped into teams. I will model how to conduct coaching sessions guided by Kata Thinking Pattern(KTP).

During this session, the learners will practice with the following activities:
- Coaching interactions that redefine manager's role as a coach to empower his teams to experiment.
- Introducing change while being deliberate on the incremental improvement it would create.
- Assessing the unintended consequences resulting from incremental improvement


  • 08 mins Overview on Kata Thinking Pattern(KTP) and a model for improvement
  • 02 min Explain game and organize teams
  • 30 min Play 2 to 3 rounds of the game : For detailed steps of each round, please read slide 8 of this activity deck
  • 05 Reflections and adjourning

Learning Outcome

- Learn Kata Thinking Pattern(KTP).
- Learn a manager-championed approach for Agile Transformation based on KTP while guided by a model.
- Hands-on practice with various elements of the KTP approach for transformation.
- Learn how managers can coach their teams using hands-on tool.
- Learn how to be deliberate about introducing incremental improvements.

Target Audience

This session is intended for anyone with an interest in Agile Transformation. It would resonate to managers responsible on achieving strategic objectives through continuous transformation and adaptation.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prior skills required to participate in this hands-on session. Participants from past sessions who were familiar with Agile mindset found this activity helpful.

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