Coaching Change with Moving Motivators

Presentation Overview: (What is the “message”? What key points will you make?)

Change is hard – Staying motivated during change is even harder! But you can help your teams identify what things about the change are working for them and what they need to do to make small shifts that can keep them motivated.

Facing a big change decision? Moving Motivators can help you identify the best choice by looking at how the factors in the change impact your long term motivation.

Learn to discover and prioritize your motivators so you will understand how change today might impact you in the long run. See which choice is better when there are multiple options. Make conscious trade off decisions in a logical way with long term thinking in mind.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

Introduce intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation as a concept

Review 10 intrinsic motivators that are common for most individuals

Introduce Moving Motivators (Management 3.0 tool) - each attendee gets a deck of these 10 cards.

  • Activity 1 - Place the motivators in order left to right least to strongest personal motivator. Debrief with a partner
  • Activity 2 - (demo of activity 2 by instructors)
    • Consider an upcoming decision you need to make. How could that decision impact your personal motivators -- increase or decrease where they are currently.
    • Consider options for this decision and how each option increases or decreases your personal motivators over time
    • Debrief learnings and impacts with a partner
  • Activity 3 - Add in Extrinsic Motivators
    • On blank motivators cards, write your top 3 extrinsic motivators
    • Mix those into your ordering of intrinsic motivators
    • How do the decision options from Activity 2 impact these extrinsic motivators (increase/decrease)
    • Debrief learnings and impacts with a partner

Debrief with the group -

Learning Outcome

Learning objectives:

  1. Identification of common motivators that can help with change decisions
  2. Prioritization of motivators to understand how trade offs will impact the human involved in the change
  3. Take away a simple Management 3.0 tool that can be used in personal or professional settings

Target Audience

This is appropriate for any audience

Prerequisites for Attendees

No Pre-requisites

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