If the response is between an emphatic ‘No’ to a hesitant ‘Yes’, it is critical to learn what it takes for enterprise to take Agility to the next level.

In a recent survey, CIOs acknowledged that while many of the execution of processes are followed at the team level by practicing scrum, Kanban, or other agile methodologies, their business processes, mindsets and the rest of enterprise strategy, structure and operations are not truly agile.

Enterprises and their leaders need to look at ‘Agility’ from a different angle to build it as a capability to not only survive but thrive in a competitive landscape that is constantly being disrupted. Enterprises need to iteratively transform all aspects of how they are structured and operate, to gain incremental agility that is both ‘Strategic’ and ‘Operational’ to gain true and sustainable benefits from agility. Leaders and change agents pay a critical role in leading an end to end transformation that is ground in lean and agile principles rather than practices to better respond and adapt to evolving customer needs.

Continuous innovation, collaboration, and customer focus are vital in achieving improved productivity, faster time to market, long term customer value, and most importantly - a motivated workforce with an agile mindset.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

Identify the need to taking Agility to the next level to build it as a capability

Current approaches and where they fall short in achieving enterprises agility.


Final takeaway

Learning Outcome

1. Get an idea of what agility means and ways to take it to the next level, that goes beyond the team practices

2. Role of enterprises and leadership for an End to end transformation ground in Lean and Agile principles beyond team practices.

Target Audience

Leaders, Change Agents and Transformation Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understand that agile is more than teams practicing Scrum or Kanban and Agility is a capability and enterprises need to build that across the board, Iteratively and incrementally.

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