Forget Climbing the Ladder - Take the Escalator to Success!

Ever wonder if climbing the ladder of success is really worth it? So much competition. So many people to out-perform. So many people to compete for to get the best jobs, the highest raise, the biggest bonus. And that frustrating bell curve! There's a better way. Forget the ladder! Take the Escalator instead.

In this talk I will share my personal experience with the uselessness of climbing the ladder just to find out that you have reached the top only to be miserable and alone. What I have learned through countless experiences in my career is that ladder climbing is a futile way of progressing. There is a more powerful, effective, and satisfying way to achieve success. Take the escalator instead.

The escalator turns what doesn't seem to make sense -- helping others succeed, helping your competitors win, giving away what others are selling - into your golden ticket to success. Join this talk to understand more about why the ladder method does not work long term and how the escalator model can bring more fulfillment, greater rewards, and financial security without the stress.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

The structure of this presentation will be a talk with some interactive discussions between participants.

Collaborative intro- impromptu networking activity that answers the question: What's the craziest thing you've done trying to reach the top of the success ladder?

The Ladder - A visual representation of ladder climbing

The Ladder Impact - Why it doesn't work long term

Collaboration Exercise - What is your experience with climbing the ladder and with ladder climbers?

The Escalator - A visual representation of the escalator

The Escalator Impact - Why it works long term

The Escalator Impact - When it won't work

Collaboration Exercise - What is your experience with taking the escalator and with escalator riders?

The crash that brought me to choice

Debrief and questions

Learning Outcome

Describe ladder climbing and its impacts

Describe escalator riding and its impacts

Learn a new way of thinking about how to achieve success

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no pre-requisites for this talk

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