We can improve upon the way we communicate, and thereby improve upon the number of people in a group who can share and take part in that communication. In fact, No group is too large ! Point is, when speaking in terms of a Metaphor and the pre-defined reference model that everyone associates back to that metaphor, everyone has a shared understanding of the terms being used. And this makes storytelling everybody's job! Which alone gives those groups that can do this a great advantage over those who can not. It's a powerful thing, communication. And it's even better when that communication is in the form of a Story.

I would like to share what I have learned in this form of communication, using Henrik Kniberg's famous Metaphor as an example Metaphor template from which a story language can be used, by everyone; to write the story of their product value, together.

Note that this includes also how we go about describing Product Roadmaps as well - as that Story!

(see diagram provided in the presentation below for an example)

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Outline/Structure of the Experience Report


Agile as a Practice - 5 min

A New use of the "Not Like This"/"Like This" MVP Metaphor - 15 min

The benefit of sharing plan information using a Metaphor Language - 15 min

The benefit of A Product Roadmap as a Story - 5 min

A Review

Learning Outcome

The objective of this presentation is to make people aware of the challenge that awaits them.

Target Audience

Everyone who works with Agile or who is thinking about working with Agile today.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A review of The Agile Manifesto is recommended.

An internet search on the history of MVP is also suggested.

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