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    Build Righter Stuff with HDD (Hypothesis Driven Development), a.k.a., HDD is TDD for the Business Case

    David Bulkin
    David Bulkin
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    With TDD (Test Driven Development) a coder writes a small test, and then just enough code to make the test pass, cleaning up the code along the way.  Imagine applying the same concepts to the business case.  Now stop imagining and use HDD (Hypothesis Driven Development) to test your business case and refactor it for success.

    Our hands on session will cover the basics of ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) to specify by example, so all stakeholders get on the same conceptual page, developers build what the business really wants, and testers can prove it. 

    But building what we want it not enough, so we will go further and use HDD to validate, or invalidate, business outcomes, focusing us on value instead of on adherence to specification.

    This is a hands on session, so come with pen, paper and a readiness to learn by doing!

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