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    Building the Agile Program Management Function: Lessons from the DSDM World

    Dave Chesebrough
    Dave Chesebrough
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    The DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) Consortium is one of the original signers of the agile manifesto.  DSDM has quite successfully been employed in the U.K. and Europe.  It is now seeing increased interest from US organizations.  Compatible with other methodologies such as SCRUM, it provides a comprehensive approach that blends agile methods with program and project management.  It emphasizes strong collaboration between business and technical stakeholders, and enforces "whole of the program" approach that allows for definition of roles, deliverables and milestones that reflect the unique nature of a program. DSDM uses a lifecycle designed to take projects from statement of need to final solution, balancing interests of all stakeholders to deliver solutions that meet cost, schedule and quality objectives.

    The Agile PMO is the instantiation of these methods in an organization as a center of expertise and excellence. It can execute agile programs as well as develop and grow this capability within the organization, equipping others to follow agile principles within the confines and context of corporate or agency governance.

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