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    Implementing Effective Testing for Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber-JVM

    Max Saperstone
    Max Saperstone
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    60 mins

    Behavior Driven Development allows for high level, plain English tests to be written, and to describe and exercise a system. Unfortunately it is difficult to have these tests encompass all interfaces of a software system, and to reuse them in multiple scenarios. Specifying these tests to run at different levels and times without duplicating work is non-trivial, and frequently produces lots of rework. This presentation will focus on cucumber to provide a robust framework for BDD, but any BDD framework can easily be substituting following guildelines and practices covered in this talk. This is not your typical Cucumber tutorial. We will mostly be focusing on how to utilize Cucumber's flexible structure in combination with the Java language how to write singular tests to run over multiple testing interfaces. This framework will build on the Cucumber basics to provide a generic model that also builds on the standard reports, giving additional information for debugging and traceability purposes. Test runners and inputs will also be discussed, to understand how to create more dynamic testing scenarios.

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